Hey guys! Yes, it is time for the contest! Thanks so much for waiting patiently! What you want to do is get as many people as you can to follow my blog! So, I am just going to say the rules first.


  1. Do NOT make multiple accounts to follow my blog with. That is just plain rude.
  2. Convince other people to join by telling them about the blog, and you can mention the contest too. That way, they are more likely to follow and join.
  3. When you get someone to subscribe, tell them they must write down the name they will use to subscribe with. Please keep the paper with you, as I will need to see it.
  4. Another way of confirming is to have the person comment on one of my blog posts saying who told them to follow, and I can keep track. Or they can use the contact page to tell me.
  5. At the end of the contest time frame, scan or take a picture of the paper with all the peoples names and email it to me at .
  6. Anyone following the blog can join in the contest, even the people you convinced to follow. It will make it more interesting.
  7. The contest begins today (March 27) and ends on April 30th.
  8. You must be following the blog to do the contest. If I find out you aren’t, you don’t get diddly squat. And please don’t follow me just for the prize ;-; dat make me sad.
  9. Don’t take this too seriously. It is just a little contest with a prize. Don’t become upset if you don’t win. Everyone has a fair chance of winning.

I believe that is all the rules. Now, the prize! Yas you get stuff. The top three people who get the most people each get a $25 gift card in Canadian money! The cards work like visa or mastercard. Now, I will post the winners in the Tuesday post, the day it ends. The person with the most in total, however, will also receive a special surprise along with the card! So, you better get on that.

Keep in mind, if you win, you must share your address with me so I can mail it to you. If you do not want that, I will have to give it to the next person. I will also need your first and last name. If you are ok with this, email me at with your address and name. Thanks!

I will also send a personally written and signed letter in the mail along with the card. Although, that might not be cool XD. Imma do it anyways.

Anyways, if you enjoyed this post leave a like, comment down your thoughts and tell your friends! I’m pretty sure people will want free money. 😉 Byeeeeeee ❤


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