Collaboration With Julia!

Hey guys! So, a fellow blogger named Julia, (Her blog name is Julia’s Creative Corner) has asked me if I want to do a collaboration together! I accepted, of course. Exciting!! So, we sent each other 10 questions about our WIP’s (That stands for Work In Progress), I’ll be posting mine here, with mine and her answers in it. She is doing the same thing on her blog too, so keep an eye out on hers for part 2! (Click HERE to go to her blog to see part 2. It will be posted later.) So, let’s just get right into this! My answers will be underlined, and Julia’s will be italicized.


1. Why did you want to write a book in the first place? 

Julia: I actually used to love writing, but then ended up opting for reading stories instead for a couple years. When I was 11, though, I read a book – The Ranger’s Apprentice – and just was overcome with this want to make a world as amazing with characters as awesome as the ones John Flanagan. 

Amber: Well, I actually got my first inspiration from Julia! (Ironic right?) 

2. How long have you been working on this book?

Julia: I’ve been working on it for a year now.

Amber: I’ve been doing it for about 2 months now.

3. What did your first draft of the book look like?

Julia: It followed a bit of a plot, but many random things added in, if that makes sense.

Amber: Seeing as I just started, it is still the first draft… it’s a mess XD.

4. Can you tell us a few of the characters names?

Julia: Sure: Lilith, Maddi, Alex, Taylor, Tysonne, and Derek.

Amber: The few important names are Josh, Jenny and Miranda.

5. How do you think it will feel after you finish the book?

Julia: Wow. That’s difficult to answer. I know I felt tired after finishing the first draft of it, because I just wanted to finish it before the end of 2017, and so wrote for around 5 hours in total on December 30. But this is a rewrite, and I think I’ll feel very elated and proud after finishing. So many things are being changed, and made better. I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever written.

Amber: I think it will be bittersweet. Like I will be glad it’s over, all the editing and new drafts, but it will be sad that I can’t work on it more after 😛 .

6. Is it fun to write all that stuff?

Julia: Yes! 😀

Amber: Totally! I love writing this dramatic stuff!! 😀

7. Do you have trouble leading up to an important part that you want to write?

Julia: Not really, unless it’s the climax. Then I spend so much time imagining how awesome it’s going to be that it doesn’t turn out as good as it could be.

Amber: I have a lot of struggles with this. I just want to write a certain part so badly, I usually rush it, and it doesn’t look good. I’m working on that. 😛

8. What is the hardest part of writing for you?

Julia: The hardest? Hmmmm… the editing. I mean, I like rewriting. But editing the nitty-gritty grammar? *shudder* That is a nightmare for me.

Amber: The hardest part for me is building suspense. It is hard to do that when I just want to get to the super funny part XD

9. Do your siblings help you come up with ideas for scenes?

Julia: Nope. 😛 If anyone ever helps me, it’s friends.

Amber: Not that I can recall, no. My friends help with ideas though!

10. Do you have any advice for us new writers?

Julia: Read read read read and then write write write. Reading good material is proven to improve writing, and writing improves writing. I can look back on old writing from 2 years ago and see obvious drastic improvement.

Amber: Do the best you can on your first draft, ask for help when needed, read a good book every once in a while, and do better on the second draft!

So, it looks like we have come to the end of part 1. Don’t forget to go to Julia’s blog to see part 2, with 10 different questions! If you have enjoyed this post, leave a like, comment any advice you guys have, and follow me on my social media! Follow Julia too! Byeeeee ❤


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