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The Most Random Post

Normally, I would have something planned, but I don’t, so I will just post whatever comes to mind XD.

Book. How is my book coming? I haven’t written in a while, but I guess I could give you a little piece of it. 😉

They pulled into the parking lot of the coffee shop of her choice. They stepped inside and got into the line. The cashier’s face began glowing when she saw Ava.

Hello, Ava! How are you today?” The woman signed. They held a conversation, and Aaron decided what to drink. He looked at the and saw what they were talking about.

So, is he your boyfriend? I knew you would get one eventually. What boy would turn you down?” Her friend asked.

No, no! It’s not like that. He found me on the bridge taking a picture and invited me to coffee! We went to school together before I left.” Ava’s hands practically flew in front of her.

Whatever you say. Now, what do you want to drink?” She smirked and then took their order.

After the coffee was made, Aaron and Ava sat down at one of the tables and drank in an awkward silence. After a while, Ava’s friend brought a box to their table.

“But we only ordered coffee.” Aaron hesitantly said.

“This one’s on me.” She winked at Ava and handed her the box. Ava opened the box then immediately slammed it shut and slapped her friends arm.

“Ha ha! You’ll thank me later!” She winked at Aaron.

Can I see what’s in the box?” He signed hesitantly. Ava stared at him in awe. She shook her head vigorously.

Ava put the box into the bag she was carrying with her and stood. She waved to him and signed that she was going home.

I can drive you if you need.” He frantically signed as he stood, knocking his chair back.

No, I want to walk home. Take my phone number, I’d love to hang out again.” She handed him a paper and left very quickly.

“Oh… ok.” He spoke to himself while walking back to his car.


That’s the next part. What do you guys think of it?


I am an odd child. I like collecting writing materials. I love color changing pens, they are so colorful and cool. It’s cool to watch them change after you use them.

I am teaching myself Japanese. Yeah, I am talented. XD Thanks to Google Translate, I can learn any language by typing what I want to know, then it shows up. I have a notebook dedicated to Japanese. I know a few words, and a few sentences too. This way, I can watch anime without subtitles or English dub XD. The things I do for anime lol.

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YouTube Channel

Sorry, this post is a bit late today. I got caught up in some things. But, great news! I have my first video up on my YouTube channel! *confetti* And, tomorrow another video will be coming out. I was filming today, that’s why I am late. Sorry. XD Short post, I know, but I have to get back to editing. If you enjoyed this extremely short post, leave a like, comment, and share it with your friends. Byeeeeee ❤

YouTube channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi0jq0fSAHORpXoBleWxNyQ

Let’s Talk About the Characters

Three important characters in my WIP book, Through Her Hands, are three very different girls, Ava, Jesse, and Alesa. I thought you guys might want to know more about the characters. So, here we go!


You all know her! This is Ava, the main character of the book. She is a 22-year-old college student. She is a very cute girl, and loves everything pastel. She enjoys drawing, reading, photography, and playing with animals. A special thing to note about her: she is deaf. But that doesn’t keep her happy spirit down. She is more shy than anything, and gets embarrassed by her friend, Jesse, easily.

Hi, my name is Ava. This is my first time in this class, and I don’t know how to use my voice.



This is Jesse, Ava’s best friend. She is 21, and rooms with Ava at college. She is known to be quite immature, and loves childish things. She enjoys cartoons, video games, and writing fictional stories. Although her small stature, she is a great worker, and works at the café near the college. Her favourite TV show and game was Pokémon, hence the sweater she only takes off at work. Though she is small, and quite childish, she protects Ava with her life. She feels it’s her duty to protect her at all costs.

They aren’t dumb! They are a fine work of art. Cartoons are magnificent.


This young woman is Alesa, Aaron’s girlfriend. She is 21 as well. She is a tall girl, who strives for perfection. She is a sassy, extremely overprotective girlfriend, and despises any girl that talks to Aaron. She vowed to do anything for Aaron, and works hard to keep him happy, but he isn’t actually happy, but how is he supposed to know? He’s just a boy.

“What!? Why aren’t you bringing me?!”

These three characters are very important in the story, so I figured why not give you a taste of their who they are.

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All art done by me.


Review of the Previous Month

I want to go over how April went here on the blog.

For starters, I have gained 5 new followers throughout the month! So, that’s exciting! I’ve noticed my followers list seems to go up a few, then it stops for a while, and goes up again, then stops. I guess I will wait a bit longer to get more, but oh boy, we are 1 away from hitting our 20 follower goal. Great job guys!

Yesterday was the last day for the contest, and nothing happened, so I will be keeping the prizes, maybe bring them out again further in the future.

I posted a tutorial, which some people really enjoyed, and that was so fun. You guys must enjoy watching me suffer XD. I posted 2 story times, which was fun to write and see you’re guys’ responses, and at the beginning of the month I was nominated for the Awesome Blogger Award. What an honour!

I also discussed my YouTube channel, and how some thing’s were being slow. Tomorrow, I will post my video talking about plans for the channel, so look forward to that. 😉

I believe that was the whole month. Wow, that was awesome. Thanks to you guys for sticking around and dealing with me. Lol. As always, if you enjoyed this post, leave a like, comment down below your favourite part that happened this past month here, and share it with your friends, we are so close to 20 followers! Byeeeeeeeee ❤

Drawing Tutoriel…Kinda

You heard right! I am going to show a tutorial on how I draw my characters. Today I will draw Ava, from my WIP book, Through Her Hands. This will be a long post, so sit back, relax and grab some tea. (I love tea XD)

I use Paint Tool SAI, and it works really well. It gives you layers, shading, blending tools, and every color you can think of! I usually start with a stickman lol. Trust me, as dumb as it sounds, it helps you figure out what pose you want to have. This is where you can bend, curve, and style to your content. Don’t worry about it being messy, it wont be there at the final product anyways. And don’t worry, it is perfectly fine to use a base from off the internet. Lot’s of artists use online photos as references. I prefer not to, but when I am drawing someone specific, I use pictures they send me. How do you think I got where I am? I used reference photos! And I used to use Paint. THAT was hard. XD


This is my stick man template I am using. It looks ridiculous, but trust me on this.

Next, you want to block in the initial shape. Use different colors for different levels. Like her body will be blue, and her forearm will be red, so I know it is supposed to be there. Again, doesn’t have to be perfect, but it should resemble your idea more.


By this stage, you have your base design ready to go. Sure, it’s a gross mess of colors, but the initial hard part is over. Now, you refine it. Linework is the most important part of a drawing. This is what gives the character life. Show how they act with a pose. My girl will be standing in a shy fashion holding her finger to her mouth, meaning quiet. (Please try to keep the body structure realistic. We don’t need a super cute character having whales for hips. But don’t make them paper flat and tiny. XD)


You might notice that my first lines overlap eachother and aren’t that pretty. I usually just line everything out, then erase anything that is overlapping and it looks good.

Like most artists, hands are the absolute bane of my existence. So, I usually A) Hide their hands, or b) Use a picture online. This time, I got them perfect first time, so I am so happy. XD YAY!


This is the initial linework done. I will erase the extra lines, then her outline will be done. If you are using an art app that uses layers, I suggest labelling them. You don’t want to draw the wrong thing on the wrong layer.


So the linework stage is done, what’s next? Well, there are lots of options now.

You can color the body.

You can outline the clothes and/or hair.

You can draw the face.

I personally prefer color the body. This is my opinion, but you can really do anything after this.


This is mine after coloring and shading the body a little. Skin color depends on the character you are making. Usually after this, I make the face.

Everyone draws eyes different. I will show how I do mine here!

eyesA bit creepy o-o




eyes.PNGThat has a bit more life in it!



Ta-da!! That’s how I draw my anime eyes. Then give them whatever facial expression you want!


I will draw the hair next. It always helps with the face. I don’t know why lol. Hair is where you can go crazy! You can do any style, color, length. This part’s all up to you!


Look how much that helped! Her hair is super cute :3 XD. And now, le clothes! This is where you can express yourself even more! What they wear shows their personality a lot! So, go crazy! Whether it’s pajama’s or a fancy dress, this will really define your character!

Now, I was going to show you what clothes I gave her, but my SAI crashed… I forgot to save it. So, I will draw her again, hopefully similar and show you guys.


So, it’s the next day. I started working on this post on Wednesday, it’s Thursday now lol. So, her pose is slightly different, but yeah. I also didn’t draw her legs, but I hate drawing legs and shoes XD. Sorry.



This is the final product! I love her so muuuuuuuuuuch!! Hope this tutorial was helpful, or at least fun to watch me lose everything and start over XD. If you enjoyed this pots leave a like, comment down what you think of Ava here, and share it with your friends! Byeeeeee ❤



Story Time: The Dentist

Ah yes, the dreaded dentist. Where they stab things into your mouth and say flossing is why your bleeding. XD I used to not mind, but I now despise it. Let me tell you why.

For as long as I can remember, I haven’t needed to get a filling or a tooth pulled. Until last time. *wow dramatic* A few weeks before, a tooth grew back in from falling out (duh) and apparently in grew in incorrectly, and a huge chunk of it was missing :I (according to the dentist). So, they scheduled a thing, and I went in for my first filling. They used the numbing gel (didn’t do much) then they stabbed me with the numbing needle. Unfortunately, I’m like my dad, so it took them 4 needles to numb me almost completely. I remember them taking this metal V shaped thing, and shoving it inside, I am guessing it was for anchoring the other stuff, then they took a weird tube thing, and started spraying it in my tooth. It dried super fast, and my tooth was fixed! Unfortunately, that was my first day of my youth groups band, and my mouth was very numb… I sing… It actually went well, except those million times I bit my cheek. Supper was pancakes (hallelujah) so I could actually eat, and it was a fun so overall. So, Dentist, I hate going there now >:I XD

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My YouTube Channel

I apologize for not uploading anything yet. I was going to put my first video up on Wednesday, but our internet decided to take a dump on itself, so I couldn’t. Sorry. But I assure you, next week I will put out my first video, along with a link to it and whatever. 😛

I am going to do pretty much the same thing on my channel that I am already doing here, and more stuff too. I also will be collabing with my friends and probably my sister too for challenges and stuff like that. So fun fun fun stuff!

The contest. It isn’t going as I had planned :I Nobody seems to be interested, and there’s only ten days left. If nothing happens within that ten days, I will be closing it and wont open it up again. What will I do with those three 25$ gift cards: probably hold onto them. Maybe later in the year it will come back, but for now, no one seems interested T-T. Sad.

Sorry for the short post. I wasn’t sure what to put out today, so I figured I would address a few things. If you enjoyed this, leave a like, comment down below your thoughts on everything, and don’t forget to share this. Byeeeeeeeeeee ❤

Story Time: My Dog

Ah yes. Wonderful pets. I love animals… a lot. We have 5 cats (Two of which are pregnant) and 2 doggies. 😀 My one dog in particular, Boh, is a special little boy. He isn’t dumb or anything, he’s just energetic and sometimes does some pretty hilariously stupid stuff. And I’m going to share some of those experiences with you guys!

This first one happened a couple of days ago. I was outside petting da kitties, when he ran onto the deck. Of course, I pet him and eventually got him in a playful mood. So, I threw his stick, and ran and brought it back, but then he just ran back and forth across the deck. He would run across, slide, turn around and repeat. Sometimes, though, he would slide to a stop too late and he would slide into the doghouse or the table. He even lost balance once and slid onto his back. XD It was absolutely hilarious.

This next story happened on one of the first days we had him. Before we got him, he was stuck inside a small house. He isn’t a small dog. He is a greyhound/border collie. So he is a pretty large dog. We brought him to our acreage and let him play and run, which he thoroughly enjoyed. A few days after we got him, I wanted to play with him, so I grabbed his toy and we began a tug-of-war battle. I was still a smol bean, and he was super strong, so he ended up running and literally dragging me across the yard. That was the day I found out what dog doo-doo tastes like. Yuck.

We have this clothesline hung from a tree across the yard to our deck. He used to run away, so we tied him up, but he could still run around. He really liked that tree (not), since he was constantly getting his leash wrapped around it and got stuck. We have gone out there countless times to untangle him from the tree. Ironically, that is the tree I like to climb sometimes. XD

I don’t remember when this was, but it was funny. We didn’t get him when he was fixed, so we knew we would have to get him fixed. The vet said this would help calm him down, since he was always so hyper. (Spoiler alert: it didn’t change that at all) When he got back, we had to stick him in a cage in the house (he never comes in the house, my brothers allergic to fur). He didn’t enjoy it, to say the least. He wanted so desperately to run around, but we couldn’t let him, since it would rip his stitches. I think about a week after, he was let out again and he was fine…. except he was still hyper. He doesn’t try to come in the house anymore, though. XD

I think it was last year when my family went camping (correct me if I’m wrong Vicki), and we had to take him with us. Oh no wait! We were heading to our grandparents anniversary and we had to take him to our other grandparents house (which is a ten-hour drive from our house, roughly.) I remember we stopped at a campsite for the night, and we had to tie him to the picnic table… Needless to say he didn’t enjoy that. Or really, he didn’t enjoy anything about that trip. I am positive he was happy when we left him to run free in our grandparents backyard though. We stuck him in a cage since he was going to stick his fur on every part of the camper throughout the drive. It was funny to watch our small dog, Sassy, tease him by prancing around the camper. XD

So those were a few stories about my precious baby boy x3. If you enjoyed this post, leave a like, comment down below some of your pets funny moments. Don’t forget to share this with your friends, and remember the contest! (Click HERE to check out my contest post) Byeeeeeeeee ❤