My Apologize

I haven’t posted on here in a long time. I mostly use this to notify everyone of new videos coming out soon. Sorry, I guess blogging isn’t for me. Forgive meeeeeeee.

Speaking of which, I have a new video coming out today or tomorrow. Make sure to look out for that on my channel! You can find the link to my channel in the Social Media tab! Byeeeeeeeeee ❤

Changing Sites

I was thinking a bit, and my good friend Julia from Julia’s Creative Corner changed her blog site from WordPress to Wix. I have thought about it and decided I am going to do that too. I will probably have it set up soon. A few days and it’ll be up. I will post here again when I do that, so you guys can go follow it! Thanks for reading. Byeeeee ❤

I have finally done it!

Two posts in one day, I know, its crazy. I have done something incredible however. I draw anime style… all the time, and have been trying to find a more cartoony less anime style. I have finally done it.

three girls

This is one I recorded, and I am very proud of it. Don’t worry, I wont stop doing anime, I will just do both! This is up on the channel so go check it out!

no outline

And this is my new style. A bit less detailed, no outline, flatter, cartoonish look! What do you guys think? If you follow my Instagram, you would have seen me struggle before, but I really like this! It’s simple and cute. I love it! I also am using a different drawing app now! My subscription on Paint Tool SAI ran out, so I found another app that is very similar that I love. It’s called Fire Alpaca! If you want to draw but don’t want to spend money on a fancy app, I highly suggest this app. It has many pens, plus a few funny ones. It does have a blur and smudge tool, and it has layers so BONUS! This is sponsored lol but seriously, I think this app is really good to be free! Also let me know if you guys want to see my outline stage of drawing. I never showed it because I thought it was boring and messy. 😛


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Sometimes I Forget Things…

Sometimes I forget to feed my dogs.

Sometimes I forget to eat breakfast.


Sometimes I forget to practise dance.



Hey guys. I am so sorry about the past while with me not doing much. I really am trying, it’s just that I am trying to get back into my regular system. I want to film for the channel, but I don’t have any room on my phone for recording and I don’t have a camera yet. I am in senior high, which means that I have to do a lot in one semester. I have credits to get, courses to finish, and everything else. I have a video idea, but I just lack the motivation to do it (like always). Editing is hard, trust me. Adding those cuts and cool effects and music is no easy task.

What kind of video do you guys want to see me make? Should I collab with my siblings and friends? Should I do a storytime? What do you people want?! XD

I feel like doing a Q&A on here again since that was fun, so let’s make this interesting. Share this with more people, and lets try to get as many questions emailed to me as possible. I know you guys can do it. So share this, and try to get as many people as you can to subscribe and send questions! I will do the Q&A whenever I get the amount of questions I think is good. Email below.

Sorry short post again T-T

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Questions from a Sick Writer

If I don’t cry when a character dies, does that make me insane?

Why do I feel like doing things when I am sick?

Why is drawing so difficult when I am trying to not do anime?

Is art really my thing?

What if music isn’t my thing either?

Is it bad that I want to kidnap every baby I see?

Why do I get sick at the worst possible moments?

Will I die alone?

What DOES the fox say?

More importantly, what does the raccoon say?

Why is it that when your sick your nose runs, and your feet smell?

Woodchucks can’t chuck wood… can they?

Why does my hand not do what my brain tells it to?

Why do I get inspiration to write when I am literally hours away from home?

Is it possible for me to stop procrastinating?

Will I ever find that one good editing app I accidentally deleted again?

Am I a bad YouTuber for not uploading as often as I want?

When will I actually upload something I don’t second guess?

Why was I born a twig?

Is my face meant to look like a potato?

Why do siblings always have to fight?

Is cereal a soup?

the chicken came first


feel free to stalk me on my socialmedia. its all on the social media page.

Thank you and goodnight. XD ❤ Byeeeee

New Video!

I got a new video up on my channel guys! Go check it out and show it some love. It took so much time and effort so please share it with others!

Its called Amber Illusion. Lol duh.

Thanks guys! Byeeeeee ❤️



Guess Who’s Back!

Hey, hey! I am back in action! 😀 I am a little sick at the moment, but I’ll get over it. Just wanted to get on here and let ya’ll know that I am back and ready to continue blogging. I also have a super cool drawing video coming out on the channel sometime this week. I want to announce that I will no longer have a set schedule for the YouTube channel. I will upload at least once a week whenever I can. I also will probably only blog once a week. Maybe on Mondays, I don’t know yet. Anyways, just figured I would let you guys know I am back in business! Byeeeee ❤

Another Change of Plans

I know, I do this way too much.

This is the final blog post I will be posting until August. I am very sorry about this but I have a few things going on next week as well. Man I suck at this. XD So forgive me guys. See you in August. Byeeeeeeeeee ❤